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Alternative Sightseeing Tours in Dresden Neustadt and Dresden Friedrichstadt to Urban Art Dresden

Street Art is a semi-professional temporary art in urban space. It includes graffiti, street music, installations, murals, paste up, stickers, styles, stencil, tiles or collages - The Urban Art Dresden.


Because of the demand and one-time cooperation with the exhibition "Magic City" and the Street Art Festival "LackStreicheKleber", the Nightwalk Dresden performs various streetarttours in the world wide Street Art wide scene.


Dresden has one of the biggest urban galleries in middle of Europe with 15 Murales in Dresden Friedrichstadt.


Streetart Tour in Dresden Neustadt to the Ghost places
The "Ghost of Harry Gelb" in Dresden

In some districts of the city, such as Dresden Neustadt or Leipziger Vorstadt, there are illegal and legal streetart works, made by local and international artists.

A train station and various buildings were designed with this art.


On the tours, you will learn about the nature of the work and its development.


Enjoy the colored spots at "Wall of Fames" , legal plains or illegal works on "boring" facades. 


You would get the answer of the "Ghost of Harry Gelb". 

1. City Murals Friedrichstadt - 3h Tour of the Old Town in the district with one of the biggest urban galleries: 17.00 € p.P. ( Mo - Sa )


2. Alternative Street Art Dresden - 2,5h+ Sightseeing Tour Dresden arround Dresden Neustadt:

17.00 € p.P. ( Mo - Sa )

Such interesting also for school classes!




Discount for groups up 13 PAX!