Alternative City walks


Dear visitors and interested parties of the Nightwalk Dresden.

I am employed as of January 1st, 2022.

The offers of the Nightwalk Dresden are therefore offered on request for groups or on fixed dates.

I would like to continue my work partially self-employed, but only within the framework of the existing time.

Thank you for your understanding.

Each walking tours an individual scene in Dresden

Alternative Street Art Tour Dresden with Bike or your feed´s
Tile Art

If you book a walking tour with the Nightwalk Dresden, you get your guide and 

he shows the contrasting scenes of the Baroque city of Dresden.

The 3 recommended alternative Sightseeing tours

Slaughterhouse 5 Tour in Dresden
Dresden 1990

At 11 a.m. starts the Kurt Vonnegut Tour in Dresden.

Our goal is to reach the former Slaughterhouse, where POS´s and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. survived the Air raid 1945.






For more information, please use the image link.

In addition to the historical city center around the Frauenkirche, Zwinger and Semperoper, the interested traveler experiences a multifaceted alternative lifestyle.

Street Art Tour to the Murales in Dresden  Friedrichstadt

The afternoon is reserved for 3 different Street Art Tours in Dresden.

If you would see the different Graffiti , Installations or Murals, is this your time.

The first booking reach the theme of the tour



For more information, please us the image link.

These urban refuges are the content of the Sightseeing tour´s of the Nightwalk Dresden.

I would be happy to welcome you as guests to these individual offers in the following.

One goal is a Beerpub of the Nightwalk Dresden

You are a Night Owl?

Than is this tour your goal.

At 9pm. starts the Night Walk across the multicultural district of Outer New Town.




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"You often have to do something great, to just live again for a while" 

Johann Wolfgang van Goethe