Slaughterhouse 5 Tour Dresden

In the footsteps of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

In the year 1969 was published the Novel "Slaughterhouse 5 - or the Childrens Crusade" on the american market.

2019 is the 50th anniversary of this book and its information is more up to date.


Thousens of costumers bought this unique book, written by Kurt Vonegut Jr.

Since this time is this novel a "anti war novel". 


Nightwalk Dresden has been offering this thematic tour since autum 2008 - "In the footsteps of Kurt Vonnegut - Slaughterhouse No 5 Tour Dresden" as a daily sightseeing tour in Dresden.


The Kurt Vonnegut-Tour will follow with this offer the vita of Kurt Vonnegut shortly, his period in Dresden as an POW in the old Slaughterhouse 5.

You will get informations about the destruction of Dresden at the 13./14.02.1945, the reconstruction of some of the places and tell you about true and not true mystic stories about this time.

We are also talking about the timeliness of our times.


The highlight of this Kurt Vonnegut-Tour, is the visit of the former Slaughterhouse 5 area, now the fairground of Dresden and an exclusive visit of the only one existent basement of this building complex, where internees survived. 


"Nothing is more exciting, than the symbiotic relationship between literature and reality."       


Meetingpoint: Theaterplace / King Johann statue

09:00 a.m. ONLY EVRY FRIDAY in every Week!!


Indication: neon green flag

price p.P. 17,00 €